Sunday, January 6, 2013

1st Birthday Party

Graham's 1st birthday party couldn't have been more perfect!  I spent months planning it and as always with the help of my sister, mom and Jeannie I was able to make my vision come to life!  I also had our photographer come and take pictures so we could just relax and enjoy the party!  I tried to narrow the pictures down, but just a warning this post is major picture overload!

We had the party at our local community center and the room was great!  It was such a pretty day and the weather was in the 70s, we even had the door open most of the party!

The birthday chair! 

I borrow the chair from a good friend!  It matched the party perfectly!  I bought the garland off Etsy, but it would have been way easy to make! 

I also found the candle off Esty!  I had to have it when I saw it.

The food table!

The party was giraffe themed and I decorated with blue chevron and orange polka dot.  I found the perfect party pack on Etsy that included the Happy Birthday Graham and the little cups I used to hold cheese puffs.  I did all of the food in orange and blue.  We had Oreo balls, cheese puffs, carrots with ranch, giraffe cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, oranges, blueberries and cake!

The picture was my favorite newborn picture of Graham and I loved displaying it!


I made the sucker balls and displayed them on orange candle sticks I found at Hobby Lobby! 

The cake was PERFECTION!!  I found a cake on Pinterest that I loved but the giraffe topper on that cake wasn't my favorite.  I found a giraffe topper on Etsy that I loved and wanted to combine the two.  Then there was the hard part of finding someone to make the cake and not break the bank.  I finally decided to go with Cakes by Sam in Cabot and she did an amazing job.  The cake and the topper were identical to the pictures I showed her.  The colors were also perfect!

How cute is this giraffe?!  He was made out of sugar.  I still have him and can't bear to throw him away just yet!

The drink table.  The cups also had coordinating stickers on them from the party pack and we decorated with cute pictures from our last family photo shoot.

The going away table!  I displayed all 12 months of Graham's monthly bear pictures in the big blue frame I found.  I also covered the big "G" in scrapbook paper.  The little boxes had animal crakers in them for everyone to take and we also had blue and orange candy. 

The other small give away were these adorable giraffe crayons I found on etsy (sorry I am to lazy to upload the picture again so that is facing the right direction, you get the point).

The tables were decorated with coorinating fabric and each table displayed three months of Graham's life.  This was the only thing that I don't really have good pictures of, but you can kind of see the other table with orange polka dot.  We had 4 tables

Here is an up close shot of the 12th month pictures. 

Time to eat!  Big brother couldn't wait to get an Oreo ball.  I also have to add, the thing I spent the most time looking for were matching plates and napkins.  I couldn't believe it when I found these at Wal-Mart.  The colors were perfect!

Mommy and the birthday boy!  He was to busy looking at everyone to smile for the camera!

Family shot!  So blessed!

This party could have never happen without the help of my sister! 

Proud parents to perfect little boys!

We couldn't leave out the big kids!  We had the bounce house set up over in the corner just for them!

Cousin Harrison, Ashton, Kaleb & Reed

We also had gifaffe coloring sheets!  Cousin Cassidy coloring away!

Josh & Gigi!  The party also couldn't have happened without her help!

This is one of the only pictures you can also see the blue and orange pom poms and I also made circle garland that we really don't have any pictures of.

Pawpaw & Graham

Mom & Steve

Thanks for all your help too Mom!

Aunt Cara & Shannon

Aunt Joan & Graham

Nanny  & Donna

Cassidy & Graham

Cousin Ayden

The birthday boy enjoying a few cheese puffs!

Cake Time!

Family shot with the birthday boy!

Loving the cake!

He literally ate all of this by himself!

After cake we couldn't keep him away from the ice! 

Present time!  Gigi even got the perfect chair for him to sit in.

Pawpaw one the prize for the best present!  Now Josh, Reed and Graham have red Kawaski four-wheelers!

This was the only picture I took with my camera! 

Brothers going for a ride!

The day was so much fun! 
Thanks to all our family and friends that made the day so perfect! 

1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Well, like I mentioned the morning of Graham's birthday we took his 1 year birthday pictures!  His morning nap didn't go as planned but we got plenty of good pictures!  I have to say a big thank you to Ashley for letting us set up at our house, so we had hardwood floors and good lighting for the pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites and a little preview of his birthday party to come!

My big 1 year old!

The cake!

Graham wasn't to into smiling for the regular pictures, but as soon as this cake got put in front of him he was all smiles!!  This kid LOVES to eat!

Digging in!


It doesn't get any cuter!  I was just mad I forgot to put his birthday hat on until half way through the shoot!

All smiles for cake!!

I was so happy I decided at the last minute to get this little tie and diaper cover set.  They made the pictures perfect!

He would have eaten the whole thing if we would have let him!

I love this precious little boy more than words!